Pippi loves Jewel Thief…

July 7th, 2010 Leave a Comment 1

Dear reader, as you may have gathered I am possibly Brighton’s best connected Dachshund. Well known around town for my friendly disposition, long nose and love of accessories. I can truly say that I have friends in all the right places, including the lovely Jonathan, Richard, George and Mr B at Jewel Thief, Dukes Lane, Brighton. Here I am preparing to peruse an array of pieces graciously chosen for me by George.

If you, dear reader are rocking the neon body con/eighties revival as your look of choice this Summer, then your eye, like mine will be drawn to these rather fun and fabulous pieces by Philippa Kunisch. Race to get your purses open. Prices from £75.

Available from www.jewelthiefgallery.com

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