New Year Treasure Hunt.

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As you may know here at GM Towers we like to go the extra mile in our quest to fulfill all of your jewellery needs. So it came to pass that this early January that we found ourselves located somewhere in deepest Sussex in the middle of a large,cold, muddy field. Booted, be-mittened and badly in need of a decent coffee we investigated our surroundings. We scoured, we sought, we scouted and scanned (Ooooo, there’s nothing I like more than a little over the top alliteration). After a couple hours of intrepid searching we found just what we were looking for!


Now there are I’m sure many Grahams in this world, but this particular Graham has a specific skill set. Something that we at Goodman Morris have been looking for. An exhaustive historic knowledge of his chosen subject. A sense of romance. An investigative and inquisitive mind. Attention to detail. A raft of finely honed restoration techniques coupled with an appreciation of leather, wood and metal patinated by time, use and love. Is your curiosity piqued? Would you like to know what Graham spends hours refurbishing, renovating and restoring? Fiddling and fixing? Buffing and burnishing? (Don’t complain about my writing style – I forewarned you of my alliteration fetish)

Vintage boxes! Wooden writing slopes, mother of pearl inlaid trinket boxes, stud boxes, hat boxes, ligneous and leather boxes of all shapes and sizes. The most exciting for us? The most gorgeous and fantastic vintage jewellery boxes. We have been collecting jewellery boxes for years and have a selection, some cute, some kitsch, some are chic, some are ancient and delicate. Some are for sale and some are not. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find and we are really happy to have a secured a source of beautiful boxes for our shop!

So Dear Reader, if you’re looking for somewhere to stash your bling, store your baubles or even a secret drawer to conceal your billets doux then come a calling to Market Street or hit the website See you soon?

Spicy and Sweet!

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No dear reader! Not our workshop elves but our Christmas window display. If you’d like to re-create some of the yuletide deliciousness gracing our windows at Goodman Morris, please feel free to use our tweaked, tried and tested recipe…


3/4 cup of molasses (we’ve used black treacle when molasses are thin on the ground)

3/4 cup of golden caster sugar

2 & 1/2 tablespoons each of ground ginger and ground cinnamon

3/4 cup of unsalted chopped butter (125 grams seems to do it)

1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

1 beaten egg

Approx 5 cups of plain flour

Bring the molasses/treacle, sugar, ginger and cinnamon to boil in a large, sturdy pan (your kitchen will instantly smell Christmassy and delicious). Take off the heat, add the bicarbonate of soda, stand back and with an outstretched arm, gingerly stir the mixture and wait for the reaction! Place the chopped butter in a mixing bowl and pour the warm, foamy mixture over the butter. Mix to combine. Beat the egg into the mix and then gradually add the flour until you have a stiff but pliable dough, you’re aiming for a kind of aromatic playdough…

Roll the dough out, cut your shapes and bake in a moderate oven for ten to twenty minutes depending on the size and thickness of the piece. Construct, decorate, stand back and admire your handiwork!


OK, our all time top tip is don’t try this without a cake-mixer unless you have biceps of steel and terrier-like tenacity!

Once you’ve acquired the aforementioned mixer and perfected your dough making technique you can make hearts, stars, reindeer and houses, or in fact anything that your biscuit cutter collection or imagination allows you. You can make your own paper house template, or if you’d like ours just mail a request to:

When we made our house we rolled the dough onto floured baking parchment and lifted the parchment straight onto the baking trays to cook.

If you want to make coloured, glazed windows you can pulverize (great to relieve any pre-crimbo stress) boiled sweets. Unwrap them, pop them into a sandwich bag and merrily attack with a rolling pin – so satisfying. Sprinkle the resulting powder into cut out window holes. This will melt as the gingerbread cooks and you will have marvellous stained glass windows.

We used a ‘cement’ made from egg white and icing sugar to glue our house together and to stick on sweeties. Take the construction process slowly. Start with a firm foundation – a cake board or plate. The four base walls need to be firmly ‘set’ together before you put the roof on. You can make a slightly more liquid version of the icing for pouring over the roof as snow.

Our final top tip…? Don’t leave the finished item unsupervised in a room full of small children (or indeed hungry jewellers) unless you have a great method for coping with an unexpected sugar rush.

The Bitch is Back.

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Guten tag mein loyal lieblings. Autumn is upon us and you poor humans must now purchase new outwear. Personally, I prefer to grow mein own. You may not be able to emulate mein glossy chestnut coat but you can up the style stakes just like ze fragrant Becky at Goodman Morris Towers

Undt now for ze close up of ze beautiful dachshund print….


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Doesn’t time fly? Now, we may not have been here as long as the rather lovely Brighton Pavillion, built in stages between 1787 and 1823. However we have been occupying Goodman Morris Towers for a whole decade and we do like a party almost as much as good old George IV.  In the immortal words of Kool and The Gang, it’s time for some…. (click below)


So, we have the music. What next? A party maybe? Dancing? Some drinks? Or how about a competition? Then we can have an awards ceremony! Sharpen your pencils and watch this space….

Our resident expert.

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Here at GM Towers we pride ourselves on our expertise and our willingness to share.  All members of Team Goodman Morris have different areas of specialist knowledge. Some of us are passionate about coloured gems, some about ancient Japanese metal work techniques, some about modernist jewellery design in the sixties, some of us know about where to get the best coffee and cake within a ten minute walk of the work shop (that’s me by the way). It can happen that one’s expertise is recognised by the world at large…. So, it came to pass that Alex, our resident metal expert was quoted in The Daily Mail yesterday, joyfully expounding upon the multiple, fantastic qualities of palladium. If you haven’t read it yet you can do so and also enjoy a picture of the rather lovely Christina Hendricks by following this link:


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The tang of freshly vinegared chips upon the breeze, seagulls wheeling and cawing in the skies and the relentless circumgyration of nuns, super heroes, cowboys, and ‘L’ plated ladies of a certain age who should know better. Yup! Tis the season of hen and stag parties, Summertime shenanigans have hit town.

It’s not only the mean streets of Brighton that are experiencing strange goings-on. It has been the week of mystery here in the workshop at Goodman Morris Towers. Pens, calculators, letters, chocolate, you name it, it’s gone missing…. We’ve been wondering if the infamous ‘Grey Lady’ of The Lanes has been walking through the walls and having some fun. (actually I think the chocolate may have been me – I seemed to develop a case of selective memory/premature dementia when questioned, let’s keep that between ourselves.) The final straw has been The Case Of The Missing Saw Frame. You may not realize the full extent of the relationship that we jewellers develop with our hand tools. Some may say that it’s obsessive or unhealthy but to us it seems perfectly normal! (In fact we think it helps to be slightly obsessive) One of the first things that an apprentice will do is to make some basic tools; a sand-pot, a burnisher, a setting stick; we spend time making doming blocks, re-sharpening engravers to just the right angle, customising saw-blades, burning the excessive fluff off of polishing mops, polishing hammer faces, carving punches, etc., etc., etc. We still use tools daily that we have had for over twenty years and that we hope to use for a life-time.  So perhaps you can imagine the gravity of this question, “have any of you reprobates seen my favorite saw-frame, I’ve looked everywhere?”

A strange silence descended upon the workshop. The aforementioned frame was a beaut. Well made, well balanced, well loved and at least twenty years old. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Honest. We searched high and low, far and wide to no avail. No stone unturned, (Ha ha! Geddit?) we scoured, scanned and scrutinized. We gave the workshop a thorough shake down, shed a tear and decided that we need something to alleviate our sadness.

Obviously vodka is out of the question before 6pm (what with all those sharp tools), we had to settle for our second favorite – cake! Champing at the bit we hot footed it to the cake shop of choice, Brighton’s own Angel Food Bakery, snaffled a box of red velvet cup cakes (well known for their medicinal qualities) and shot back to the workshop. Desperate measures for desperate times; our need for cake was so urgent, so compelling, and their packing so good that certain members of Team GM threw both caution and patience to the wind and simply ripped open the box. Evidence below….

Our need for cake sated and our anxiety duly assuaged we returned the bench. A chill passed through the room, we almost heard the hem of a cape swoosh across the floor. Low and behold….! The saw frame swinging on it’s peg…. Spooky!

Miss Shortstocking Predicts…

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Bon jour Dear Reader, as you can see here I am, Brighton’s favorite Dachshund; rested, perky and ready for action. Time methinks, for some wisdom straight from the bitch’s mouth. There has been much chat hereabouts of trend predictions for the coming season. Trend predictions? What piffle! A super-chic creature such as moi believes that style is quality one is born with. For those of you less fortunate  than myself, but who harbor aspirations to emulate my natural elan, here are a couple of pointers (not my favorite word):

1.) Outerwear. You cannot go wrong with tones of chestnut. From the deepest burnt umbers, to paler honeyed hues; a glossy brown coat is the way to go. This may be a controversial statement dahlinks, but for me real fur is the only choice. I like to accentuate mine with flashes of shiny black and a hint of diamante. My beautiful nose and wide collection of collars does a wonderous job. You may have to resort to patent wellies and a pave set diamond pendant from my humans at Goodman Morris.

2.) Lengths. It’s short, short short. Especially legs. The only acceptable exception is ears. Obviously. They should be long. Very long indeed.

3.) A  grasp of general knowledge, world affairs and a little juicy gossip can get a girl a long way. Just a few of the basics; being able to compare dog biscuits prices in different currencies; knowing who’s grooming who (I think Aretha Wooflin did a song about that) and where to go for the best pawdicure; can be invaluable. If this is beyond your ability a collection of scintillating, hand crafted jewellery will do no harm at all. (

Embrace the above and you too may exude irresistible allure and charisma.

Good luck Dear Reader.

Pippi Loves Wish Lists

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Paws for thought Dear Reader, for now is the time to consider ones Christmas wish list. After careful consideration and many weeks of research and development (did you think that I had merely been swanning my way through society during my absence from these pages? No, no, no, for you have been laboring under a misapprehension.)  I have spent many an hour conducting investigative window shopping forays in Brighton. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I share with you a selection of items from ‘A Diminutive Dachshunds Desires for Christmas’

Here I am sporting a rather wonderful champagne diamond and 18ct gold necklace by the talented Natasha Dahlberg. If any of my admirers would like to donate this to the Dachshund cause please feel free to visit

Here at Goodman Morris Towers my faithful humans have been hard at work producing new pieces, here’s a little snap of their hot off the press range of sterling silver stacking bangles. Available with hearts, skulls, stars, flowers and birthstone charms. Designed to mix, match and be piled high (obviously that’s only three for me, but maybe a few more for those of you with freakishly long arms) they shimmer and jangle alluringly, perfect for the holiday season and for providing sound effects for jingle bells…

Now Dear Reader, shocking as it may seem there have been unfounded rumours that I am a lapdog of leisure. I beg to differ. Sometimes this particular bitch has to work for her living. I proudly present photographic evidence in my defense below.

Woof, woof!

Christmas comes early….

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Late nights, burnt fingers, too much coffee and not enough booze. The tap, tap, tap of hammers, the rolling of the mills and the occasional sound of swearing (hard to believe I know, but true). Yup! Christmas has come early to Goodman Morris Towers. Down in the workshop the pressure is on as we race to finish new pieces for the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia. An abundance of new pieces, lots of rose gold, which has been really popular in both the shop and press. We’ve got hearts, hoops, stars and our brand new mini charm bracelet. Watch this space – pics to follow! Here’s some of our now classic, Times New Roman initial pendants in sterling silver at varying stages of production…

Just over a week to go and not only is there stock to make but also our exciting new stand design for the show to complete. We’ve been inspired by some ultra-gorgeous, super-feminine, very, very curvaceous furniture from the lovely girls at The French Bedroom Company (thanks Georgia x). Check out this fab chest of drawers (bad pic, but it’s beauty still shines through!)

Sylvia silver chest of drawers from

If you’d like to see the results of our blood, sweat and tears then drop into the shop or swing by our Spirit of Christmas stand (C128) at Olympia, London between the 3rd and 7th of November. We’ll have all our new work as well as some one off ‘show specials’. We’ve three sets of freebie passes for Spirit of Christmas to give away to the first three people who sign up to ‘Privilege’ on

Hope to see you!

Blowing the cobwebs away…

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CREEEAAK! Aha! The sound of my laptop being gently prised open. CRAACK! Hmmmm… My aging knuckles warming up for their reunion with the keyboard. Yes Dear Reader, it’s been a while, but rest assured, my fingers will soon be skipping merrily across the board like sprightly little Spring lambs.

After a long and lazy summer there is much news to report from Goodman Morris Towers. Today we are overwrought with excitement, the hoop earrings from our Key Collection have been chosen as Fashion Editors Pick! We are also very excited to confirm that we will be at The Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia, London from 3rd to 7th November. Please come and visit, we’ll have new collections and some exclusive, one off pieces and lots of our yummy rhubarb and custard flavor rock available for your delectation!

You may have noticed an Autumnal chill in the air and nights drawing in earlier. Here, at Goodman Morris we are clinging on to those last balmy summer feelings with these baby heart hoop earrings newly available in gorgeous, warm rose gold vermeil….

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