The Bitch is Back.

October 20th, 2011 Leave a Comment 1

Guten tag mein loyal lieblings. Autumn is upon us and you poor humans must now purchase new outwear. Personally, I prefer to grow mein own. You may not be able to emulate mein glossy chestnut coat but you can up the style stakes just like ze fragrant Becky at Goodman Morris Towers

Undt now for ze close up of ze beautiful dachshund print….

Miss Shortstocking Predicts…

January 27th, 2011 Leave a Comment 0

Bon jour Dear Reader, as you can see here I am, Brighton’s favorite Dachshund; rested, perky and ready for action. Time methinks, for some wisdom straight from the bitch’s mouth. There has been much chat hereabouts of trend predictions for the coming season. Trend predictions? What piffle! A super-chic creature such as moi believes that style is quality one is born with. For those of you less fortunate  than myself, but who harbor aspirations to emulate my natural elan, here are a couple of pointers (not my favorite word):

1.) Outerwear. You cannot go wrong with tones of chestnut. From the deepest burnt umbers, to paler honeyed hues; a glossy brown coat is the way to go. This may be a controversial statement dahlinks, but for me real fur is the only choice. I like to accentuate mine with flashes of shiny black and a hint of diamante. My beautiful nose and wide collection of collars does a wonderous job. You may have to resort to patent wellies and a pave set diamond pendant from my humans at Goodman Morris.

2.) Lengths. It’s short, short short. Especially legs. The only acceptable exception is ears. Obviously. They should be long. Very long indeed.

3.) A  grasp of general knowledge, world affairs and a little juicy gossip can get a girl a long way. Just a few of the basics; being able to compare dog biscuits prices in different currencies; knowing who’s grooming who (I think Aretha Wooflin did a song about that) and where to go for the best pawdicure; can be invaluable. If this is beyond your ability a collection of scintillating, hand crafted jewellery will do no harm at all. (

Embrace the above and you too may exude irresistible allure and charisma.

Good luck Dear Reader.

Pippi Loves Wish Lists

November 18th, 2010 Leave a Comment 0

Paws for thought Dear Reader, for now is the time to consider ones Christmas wish list. After careful consideration and many weeks of research and development (did you think that I had merely been swanning my way through society during my absence from these pages? No, no, no, for you have been laboring under a misapprehension.)  I have spent many an hour conducting investigative window shopping forays in Brighton. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I share with you a selection of items from ‘A Diminutive Dachshunds Desires for Christmas’

Here I am sporting a rather wonderful champagne diamond and 18ct gold necklace by the talented Natasha Dahlberg. If any of my admirers would like to donate this to the Dachshund cause please feel free to visit

Here at Goodman Morris Towers my faithful humans have been hard at work producing new pieces, here’s a little snap of their hot off the press range of sterling silver stacking bangles. Available with hearts, skulls, stars, flowers and birthstone charms. Designed to mix, match and be piled high (obviously that’s only three for me, but maybe a few more for those of you with freakishly long arms) they shimmer and jangle alluringly, perfect for the holiday season and for providing sound effects for jingle bells…

Now Dear Reader, shocking as it may seem there have been unfounded rumours that I am a lapdog of leisure. I beg to differ. Sometimes this particular bitch has to work for her living. I proudly present photographic evidence in my defense below.

Woof, woof!

Pippi loves Jewel Thief…

July 7th, 2010 Leave a Comment 1

Dear reader, as you may have gathered I am possibly Brighton’s best connected Dachshund. Well known around town for my friendly disposition, long nose and love of accessories. I can truly say that I have friends in all the right places, including the lovely Jonathan, Richard, George and Mr B at Jewel Thief, Dukes Lane, Brighton. Here I am preparing to peruse an array of pieces graciously chosen for me by George.

If you, dear reader are rocking the neon body con/eighties revival as your look of choice this Summer, then your eye, like mine will be drawn to these rather fun and fabulous pieces by Philippa Kunisch. Race to get your purses open. Prices from £75.

Available from

Miss Shortstocking is not amused.

June 22nd, 2010 Leave a Comment 0

No jewellery today dear reader. My somewhat sensitive disposition was shaken to the very core by this inappropriate image. To see my fellow Dachshund so cruelly posed has upset me deeply. I shall retire to my basket.

Pippi Loves Romance…

June 17th, 2010 Leave a Comment 5

With the scent of summer upon my rather long and lovely Dachshund nose my whiskers are bristling with joy. Many a young hound seems to have cast aside their winter hoodies and they are pounding the Brighton promenade with their glossy coats alluringly shining in the sunlight. Dear reader as you may have guessed my thoughts have turned to love and the possibility of romance. What easier way to win a bitch’s favor than with this beautiful yet understated 18ct gold heart made by my humans at Goodman Morris? Simple, sensual and elegant this solid gold heart would assure any paramour of her suitors intentions. Mine is engraved with my name, yours could be too…

Solid 18ct yellow gold heart £1850.

Pippi Loves Pearls

June 7th, 2010 Leave a Comment 1

Summer’s here at last! With it comes a whirlwind of garden parties and weddings. Here I am previewing a must have for the party season; a tangle of freshwater pearls in tea rose pink. Perfectly accentuating my glossy Dachshund coat, but working equally well for you with this seasons key trend, layered nude tones of chiffon and textured knitwear. Pink freshwater pearl twist necklace £493. Available from

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