New Year Treasure Hunt.

January 18th, 2012 Leave a Comment 0

As you may know here at GM Towers we like to go the extra mile in our quest to fulfill all of your jewellery needs. So it came to pass that this early January that we found ourselves located somewhere in deepest Sussex in the middle of a large,cold, muddy field. Booted, be-mittened and badly in need of a decent coffee we investigated our surroundings. We scoured, we sought, we scouted and scanned (Ooooo, there’s nothing I like more than a little over the top alliteration). After a couple hours of intrepid searching we found just what we were looking for!


Now there are I’m sure many Grahams in this world, but this particular Graham has a specific skill set. Something that we at Goodman Morris have been looking for. An exhaustive historic knowledge of his chosen subject. A sense of romance. An investigative and inquisitive mind. Attention to detail. A raft of finely honed restoration techniques coupled with an appreciation of leather, wood and metal patinated by time, use and love. Is your curiosity piqued? Would you like to know what Graham spends hours refurbishing, renovating and restoring? Fiddling and fixing? Buffing and burnishing? (Don’t complain about my writing style – I forewarned you of my alliteration fetish)

Vintage boxes! Wooden writing slopes, mother of pearl inlaid trinket boxes, stud boxes, hat boxes, ligneous and leather boxes of all shapes and sizes. The most exciting for us? The most gorgeous and fantastic vintage jewellery boxes. We have been collecting jewellery boxes for years and have a selection, some cute, some kitsch, some are chic, some are ancient and delicate. Some are for sale and some are not. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find and we are really happy to have a secured a source of beautiful boxes for our shop!

So Dear Reader, if you’re looking for somewhere to stash your bling, store your baubles or even a secret drawer to conceal your billets doux then come a calling to Market Street or hit the website See you soon?

Our resident expert.

October 14th, 2011 Leave a Comment 0

Here at GM Towers we pride ourselves on our expertise and our willingness to share. ¬†All members of Team Goodman Morris have different areas of specialist knowledge. Some of us are passionate about coloured gems, some about ancient Japanese metal work techniques, some about modernist jewellery design in the sixties, some of us know about where to get the best coffee and cake within a ten minute walk of the work shop (that’s me by the way). It can happen that one’s expertise is recognised by the world at large…. So, it came to pass that Alex, our resident metal expert was quoted in The Daily Mail yesterday, joyfully expounding upon the multiple, fantastic qualities of palladium. If you haven’t read it yet you can do so and also enjoy a picture of the rather lovely Christina Hendricks by following this link:

Comings and goings and cake (of course!)

June 10th, 2010 Leave a Comment 0

Now, you may not know this but here at Goodman Morris Towers we mostly run on coffee and cake. After the ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ weather we needed a little perk up and went rushing round to one of our favorite purveyors of cake – that famous Brighton institution,The Mock Turtle. Here’s the before and after pics…



Fully recharged and ready for a busy day ahead… We said goodbye to a beautiful pair of 18ct yellow gold and champange diamond ‘twinkly star’ earrings by Natasha Dahlberg – one lucky girl’s going to have a very happy birthday tomorrow! Lots of fab new stock from Georg Jensen including two fabulous, sculptural silver hearts – check them out below…

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