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Doesn’t time fly? Now, we may not have been here as long as the rather lovely Brighton Pavillion, built in stages between 1787 and 1823. However we have been occupying Goodman Morris Towers for a whole decade and we do like a party almost as much as good old George IV.  In the immortal words of Kool and The Gang, it’s time for some…. (click below)


So, we have the music. What next? A party maybe? Dancing? Some drinks? Or how about a competition? Then we can have an awards ceremony! Sharpen your pencils and watch this space….


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The tang of freshly vinegared chips upon the breeze, seagulls wheeling and cawing in the skies and the relentless circumgyration of nuns, super heroes, cowboys, and ‘L’ plated ladies of a certain age who should know better. Yup! Tis the season of hen and stag parties, Summertime shenanigans have hit town.

It’s not only the mean streets of Brighton that are experiencing strange goings-on. It has been the week of mystery here in the workshop at Goodman Morris Towers. Pens, calculators, letters, chocolate, you name it, it’s gone missing…. We’ve been wondering if the infamous ‘Grey Lady’ of The Lanes has been walking through the walls and having some fun. (actually I think the chocolate may have been me – I seemed to develop a case of selective memory/premature dementia when questioned, let’s keep that between ourselves.) The final straw has been The Case Of The Missing Saw Frame. You may not realize the full extent of the relationship that we jewellers develop with our hand tools. Some may say that it’s obsessive or unhealthy but to us it seems perfectly normal! (In fact we think it helps to be slightly obsessive) One of the first things that an apprentice will do is to make some basic tools; a sand-pot, a burnisher, a setting stick; we spend time making doming blocks, re-sharpening engravers to just the right angle, customising saw-blades, burning the excessive fluff off of polishing mops, polishing hammer faces, carving punches, etc., etc., etc. We still use tools daily that we have had for over twenty years and that we hope to use for a life-time.  So perhaps you can imagine the gravity of this question, “have any of you reprobates seen my favorite saw-frame, I’ve looked everywhere?”

A strange silence descended upon the workshop. The aforementioned frame was a beaut. Well made, well balanced, well loved and at least twenty years old. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Honest. We searched high and low, far and wide to no avail. No stone unturned, (Ha ha! Geddit?) we scoured, scanned and scrutinized. We gave the workshop a thorough shake down, shed a tear and decided that we need something to alleviate our sadness.

Obviously vodka is out of the question before 6pm (what with all those sharp tools), we had to settle for our second favorite – cake! Champing at the bit we hot footed it to the cake shop of choice, Brighton’s own Angel Food Bakery, snaffled a box of red velvet cup cakes (well known for their medicinal qualities) and shot back to the workshop. Desperate measures for desperate times; our need for cake was so urgent, so compelling, and their packing so good that certain members of Team GM threw both caution and patience to the wind and simply ripped open the box. Evidence below….

Our need for cake sated and our anxiety duly assuaged we returned the bench. A chill passed through the room, we almost heard the hem of a cape swoosh across the floor. Low and behold….! The saw frame swinging on it’s peg…. Spooky!

Pippi loves Jewel Thief…

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Dear reader, as you may have gathered I am possibly Brighton’s best connected Dachshund. Well known around town for my friendly disposition, long nose and love of accessories. I can truly say that I have friends in all the right places, including the lovely Jonathan, Richard, George and Mr B at Jewel Thief, Dukes Lane, Brighton. Here I am preparing to peruse an array of pieces graciously chosen for me by George.

If you, dear reader are rocking the neon body con/eighties revival as your look of choice this Summer, then your eye, like mine will be drawn to these rather fun and fabulous pieces by Philippa Kunisch. Race to get your purses open. Prices from £75.

Available from www.jewelthiefgallery.com

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

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There’s nothing like a little sunshine to tempt Londoners to hop on the train and enjoy a day beside the seaside. So it came to pass that Messers Dapper and Pert graced Goodman Morris Towers with their esteemed presence. Being friendly souls we took our Fashion Faves for a quick spin around town. Seduced by the pervasive tang of malt vinegar we hit the pier for that Brighton Summer classic, fish, chips and mushy peas. No you naughty London types, it’s not guacamole!

I’ve heard it said that the spirit of Brighton can get under your skin. Just look at what happened to Ian and Olivia from Push PR. Previously pictures of sartorial elegance, they had soon embraced a slightly more laissez faire attitude. (Although I do think Ian looks a little bemused by the situation he finds himself in.) Comments please…

As if that were not enough excitement, we trawled some goodies on our return journey to GM Towers. A rather fantastic I heart Brighton tee shirt for the fragrant Olivia and this image of jewellery for sale on the pier. We at Goodman Morris are not the only ones channeling a key trend.

Then, with a flip of floral skirt and snap of briefcase, as quickly as they came, they were gone…

A shout going out!

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What an early morning surprise! A shout going out from the lovely Becky (our Goodman Morris workshop hero and shop angel) to us on the Brighton radio  station of choice, Juice FM. Her dulcet tones answering questions on her specialist subject ‘The Office’ were a joy to hear. I was on BBC Southern Counties many years ago. Someone told me I had a great face for radio! Unkind… Good luck with the competition Becky!

The lovely Becky wearing a rose gold vermeil hammered Planet Sweet necklace.

Comings and goings and cake (of course!)

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Now, you may not know this but here at Goodman Morris Towers we mostly run on coffee and cake. After the ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ weather we needed a little perk up and went rushing round to one of our favorite purveyors of cake – that famous Brighton institution,The Mock Turtle. Here’s the before and after pics…



Fully recharged and ready for a busy day ahead… We said goodbye to a beautiful pair of 18ct yellow gold and champange diamond ‘twinkly star’ earrings by Natasha Dahlberg – one lucky girl’s going to have a very happy birthday tomorrow! Lots of fab new stock from Georg Jensen including two fabulous, sculptural silver hearts – check them out below…

Brighton’s boho beauties.

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The sun’s out, a gentle sea breeze is a blowin’ and all the boho beauties of Brighton are wafting around in maxi dresses, dangly earrings and ropes of beads. Here at Goodman Morris those of us with maxi dress tendencies are lusting after these gorgeous chandelier earrings by Pomegranate. In a rainbow array of colours, costing from only £80 and available for next day delivery from our new website, www.goodmanmorris.com. What’s not to like?

Rusty old keys

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18th May 2010

Rusty old keys.

Exciting times here at our Brighton workshop as we put the finishing touches to our latest range. Polished, priced and ready to go, our Key Collection is based upon a whole bunch of rusty antique keys that we found being sold by a crazy but charming, guitar playing guy in Nice antiques market. Their lovely shapes, hidden details and interesting textures have inspired a sentimental and romantic collection of necklaces, brooches and charm bracelets. Produced in solid sterling silver, oxidized and polished pieces are highlighted with cabochon moonstones and chain details. Above is an image of the original keys, below is the first key pendant prototype. Pics of finished pieces will follow!

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