Miss Shortstocking Predicts…

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Bon jour Dear Reader, as you can see here I am, Brighton’s favorite Dachshund; rested, perky and ready for action. Time methinks, for some wisdom straight from the bitch’s mouth. There has been much chat hereabouts of trend predictions for the coming season. Trend predictions? What piffle! A super-chic creature such as moi believes that style is quality one is born with. For those of you less fortunate ¬†than myself, but who harbor aspirations to emulate my natural elan, here are a couple of pointers (not my favorite word):

1.) Outerwear. You cannot go wrong with tones of chestnut. From the deepest burnt umbers, to paler honeyed hues; a glossy brown coat is the way to go. This may be a controversial statement dahlinks, but for me real fur is the only choice. I like to accentuate mine with flashes of shiny black and a hint of diamante. My beautiful nose and wide collection of collars does a wonderous job. You may have to resort to patent wellies and a pave set diamond pendant from my humans at Goodman Morris.

2.) Lengths. It’s short, short short. Especially legs. The only acceptable exception is ears. Obviously. They should be long. Very long indeed.

3.) A ¬†grasp of general knowledge, world affairs and a little juicy gossip can get a girl a long way. Just a few of the basics; being able to compare dog biscuits prices in different currencies; knowing who’s grooming who (I think Aretha Wooflin did a song about that) and where to go for the best pawdicure; can be invaluable. If this is beyond your ability a collection of scintillating, hand crafted jewellery will do no harm at all. (www.goodmanmorris.com)

Embrace the above and you too may exude irresistible allure and charisma.

Good luck Dear Reader.

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