Inspiration plus perspiration.

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Dear Reader, share with us some of the experience of building an exhibition display. Firstly, take a generous pinch of smoke and mirror, season with a little queueing, a soupcon of loitering in a chilly car park and a equal amounts of perspiration and inspiration. Wait. View pictures below. That should do it.


Locate stand, schlep gear.


Wallpaper. Channel ‘Granny Chic’


Gently distress mirror frame (not self). Attempt of place graphics onto mirror. Straight.


Nearly there!


Retire to the sofa with a large glass of wine. More stand dressing to follow tomorrow…

(contain your excitement please.)

Christmas comes early….

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Late nights, burnt fingers, too much coffee and not enough booze. The tap, tap, tap of hammers, the rolling of the mills and the occasional sound of swearing (hard to believe I know, but true). Yup! Christmas has come early to Goodman Morris Towers. Down in the workshop the pressure is on as we race to finish new pieces for the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia. An abundance of new pieces, lots of rose gold, which has been really popular in both the shop and press. We’ve got hearts, hoops, stars and our brand new mini charm bracelet. Watch this space – pics to follow! Here’s some of our now classic, Times New Roman initial pendants in sterling silver at varying stages of production…

Just over a week to go and not only is there stock to make but also our exciting new stand design for the show to complete. We’ve been inspired by some ultra-gorgeous, super-feminine, very, very curvaceous furniture from the lovely girls at The French Bedroom Company (thanks Georgia x). Check out this fab chest of drawers (bad pic, but it’s beauty still shines through!)

Sylvia silver chest of drawers from

If you’d like to see the results of our blood, sweat and tears then drop into the shop or swing by our Spirit of Christmas stand (C128) at Olympia, London between the 3rd and 7th of November. We’ll have all our new work as well as some one off ‘show specials’. We’ve three sets of freebie passes for Spirit of Christmas to give away to the first three people who sign up to ‘Privilege’ on

Hope to see you!

Blowing the cobwebs away…

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CREEEAAK! Aha! The sound of my laptop being gently prised open. CRAACK! Hmmmm… My aging knuckles warming up for their reunion with the keyboard. Yes Dear Reader, it’s been a while, but rest assured, my fingers will soon be skipping merrily across the board like sprightly little Spring lambs.

After a long and lazy summer there is much news to report from Goodman Morris Towers. Today we are overwrought with excitement, the hoop earrings from our Key Collection have been chosen as Fashion Editors Pick! We are also very excited to confirm that we will be at The Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia, London from 3rd to 7th November. Please come and visit, we’ll have new collections and some exclusive, one off pieces and lots of our yummy rhubarb and custard flavor rock available for your delectation!

You may have noticed an Autumnal chill in the air and nights drawing in earlier. Here, at Goodman Morris we are clinging on to those last balmy summer feelings with these baby heart hoop earrings newly available in gorgeous, warm rose gold vermeil….

Back to basics!

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Don’t worry Dear Reader, we are not channeling the excitement of John Major nor the the Dirty Girrrl antics of Miss Christina Aguilera. Here at Goodman Morris Towers we have a new manifesto for these testing times. To provide a complete jewellery wardrobe for our discerning and super-stylish clientele. As we perused our shiny shelves we ran through a wishlist. Boho chandelier earrings? Check. Discreet diamond studs? Check. Demure ladylike pearls? Check. Sexy, long swingy pendants? Check. Charm bracelets? Sparkling, precious eternity rings? Sculptural, modern silver pieces? Fabulous cocktail rings? Check, check, check, check!

So far so good. But then…. Simple hoops? Undrestated bangles? Alas, our shelves were bare. What to do? Launch a Back to Basics campaign at once. Here are the fruits of our labor. An uncomplicated collection of classic pieces. Handmade, versatile and gorgeous in a choice of three textures, simple polished, molten metal, or gently hammered. Hoops in three sizes (20, 40 and 60 mm diameter), bangles in three styles (oval, round and stacked) and three metal colours (solid silver, 18ct red gold vermeil and 18ct yellow gold vermeil). In fact the only complex thing is how to mix and match them… Not showy, nor blingy just understated and elegant. These winsome, weighty pieces will soon become the trusty staples of your jewellery collection.

Sterling silver bangle stack with hammered, smooth and molten finish.

Back to basics 20mm molten finish hoops.

These pieces are soooo hot of the bench peg they haven’t even made it onto our website if you want to snaffle them fast just call us on 00 44 (0)1273 738784!

Over and out.

Best of British?

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Up early, dressed smartly and left in unusually good time for the train. Punctual arrival at the station with ten minutes to spare. Purchased ticket to the The Big Smoke. Hooray! Enough time to grab a paper, coffee and calmly contemplate the civilized journey ahead. Board the train, and, impressively manage to snaffle a comfy seat and table all to myself  (do you Dear Reader have a sense of impending doom?) unfold aforementioned newspaper, sit back, relax, remove lid from coffee cup and proceed to pour half of the contents into my lap. Damnation! After half an hour of intimacy with a hand drier I returned to my seat having acquired neighbours, hot legs, cold coffee and a slightly edgier, splodge dyed, fashion forward look that I wasn’t planning…

All dried out and ready to go I jumped on a bus and took a trip down Chancery Lane. All worries about my attire were immediately  ameliorated by London’s luminous beauty.

As far as jewellery design goes what constitutes ‘Best of British’? This was one of the more contentious issues raised at the inaugural Jewellery Designers Focus Group lunch on Tuesday. Hosted by Jenni Middleton, editor of Retail Jeweller and Julie Driscoll, event director of The Jewellery Show at Clerkenwell House in Hatton Garden, it turned into a surprisingly lively and passionate affair!

A dynamic group from different disciplines of the trade, including Lindsey Straughton of The British Jewellers Association, and emerging designers Ana De Costa and Katie Rowland to the more established Diane Hall from Dower and Hall enjoyed delicious tapas and animated conversation. There was much deliberation, cogitation, mastication, rumination and even mediation when things got provocative. (Ahhh, nothing like a little aliteration to get the blood flowing…)  In fact serious discussion about the many challenges facing designers was the order of the day. From how to cope with the ever rising price of gold (no satisfactory answers to that dilemma unfortunately) to how trade shows can encourage and support young designers. From partnerships and mentoring to selection procedures and manufacturing origin.

Here at Goodman Morris we are absolutely passionate about designing AND manufacturing in the UK. We are fervent believers in using the incredible skills and craftspeople that are available in the UK. We do as much as possible in house and out source to UK based specialists only when necessary. We really are proud to be able to say that we manufacture in house. We are also committed to training and passing on our skills, just as someone did for us (Thank you to Tom Jupp and Jo Swan). The British jewellery industry has some incredibly effective and supportive organizations such as The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and The British Jewellers Association who do all they can to promote and preserve  jewellery making in the UK. So, what then is ‘Best of British’? For us, that has to encompass both the conception and production of a product in the UK, we understand that it is different for all designers. Some designers work through the concepts here and move all the production abroad, some produce part of their work here and the rest elsewhere. When one understands the emotional investment each of us has in our work it is easy to understand how the dialogue can become so impassioned.  Please share your views. (You can click on the wiggly icon next to the date above to leave a comment)

Here is a fine example of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths’ good work! The rather fantastic Mr Ryan Ormond. He is our apprentice and has been with us since January 2010 and is on a five year  endentured apprentice scheme run by The Goldsmiths Company. (Chin up Ryan, only four and a half years to go!)  The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths are the last Company to run this scheme, a very traditional arrangement which has been in operation for hundreds of years. The scheme supports both the apprentice and master over five years. This begins with a ‘binding’ ceremony when both parties sign their intent into one of five books held by The Goldsmiths (I think the one that Ryan signed has been in use since 1860); and culminates in the apprentice presenting his/her masterpiece and releasing him/herself from the binding to his/her master.

Pippi loves Jewel Thief…

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Dear reader, as you may have gathered I am possibly Brighton’s best connected Dachshund. Well known around town for my friendly disposition, long nose and love of accessories. I can truly say that I have friends in all the right places, including the lovely Jonathan, Richard, George and Mr B at Jewel Thief, Dukes Lane, Brighton. Here I am preparing to peruse an array of pieces graciously chosen for me by George.

If you, dear reader are rocking the neon body con/eighties revival as your look of choice this Summer, then your eye, like mine will be drawn to these rather fun and fabulous pieces by Philippa Kunisch. Race to get your purses open. Prices from £75.

Available from

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

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There’s nothing like a little sunshine to tempt Londoners to hop on the train and enjoy a day beside the seaside. So it came to pass that Messers Dapper and Pert graced Goodman Morris Towers with their esteemed presence. Being friendly souls we took our Fashion Faves for a quick spin around town. Seduced by the pervasive tang of malt vinegar we hit the pier for that Brighton Summer classic, fish, chips and mushy peas. No you naughty London types, it’s not guacamole!

I’ve heard it said that the spirit of Brighton can get under your skin. Just look at what happened to Ian and Olivia from Push PR. Previously pictures of sartorial elegance, they had soon embraced a slightly more laissez faire attitude. (Although I do think Ian looks a little bemused by the situation he finds himself in.) Comments please…

As if that were not enough excitement, we trawled some goodies on our return journey to GM Towers. A rather fantastic I heart Brighton tee shirt for the fragrant Olivia and this image of jewellery for sale on the pier. We at Goodman Morris are not the only ones channeling a key trend.

Then, with a flip of floral skirt and snap of briefcase, as quickly as they came, they were gone…

Miss Shortstocking is not amused.

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No jewellery today dear reader. My somewhat sensitive disposition was shaken to the very core by this inappropriate image. To see my fellow Dachshund so cruelly posed has upset me deeply. I shall retire to my basket.

Pippi Loves Romance…

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With the scent of summer upon my rather long and lovely Dachshund nose my whiskers are bristling with joy. Many a young hound seems to have cast aside their winter hoodies and they are pounding the Brighton promenade with their glossy coats alluringly shining in the sunlight. Dear reader as you may have guessed my thoughts have turned to love and the possibility of romance. What easier way to win a bitch’s favor than with this beautiful yet understated 18ct gold heart made by my humans at Goodman Morris? Simple, sensual and elegant this solid gold heart would assure any paramour of her suitors intentions. Mine is engraved with my name, yours could be too…

Solid 18ct yellow gold heart £1850.

A shout going out!

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What an early morning surprise! A shout going out from the lovely Becky (our Goodman Morris workshop hero and shop angel) to us on the Brighton radio  station of choice, Juice FM. Her dulcet tones answering questions on her specialist subject ‘The Office’ were a joy to hear. I was on BBC Southern Counties many years ago. Someone told me I had a great face for radio! Unkind… Good luck with the competition Becky!

The lovely Becky wearing a rose gold vermeil hammered Planet Sweet necklace.